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Free of sugars, dairy & gluten. Filled with adaptogens and pearl collagen

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Eat for Peace, Focus & Glowing Skin

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What is Beauty Bar Chocolate?

Beauty Bar Chocolate provides peaceful energy, relieves stress and balances hormones all while giving your skin that spa-like glow

Free of sugar, dairy, gluten and fillers. Fairtrade chocolate with superfoods, adaptogens & pearl collagen

*Keto, Paleo and allergen friendly

Beauty Bar Chocolate

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Calm Collagen Bar

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Why Eat Beauty Bar Chocolate?

Eat Beauty Bar Chocolate to provide peaceful energy, satisfy that sweet-tooth and give your skin a boost. The benefits of Beauty Bar include stress relief and aided relaxation through the added adaptogens, pearl collagen and superfoods.


The Super Ingredients

Eat for Peace, Focus & Glowing Skin!

Beauty Bar Chocolate makes a great gift for girlfriends, mothers, wifes, brides to be, and even better for yourself (and men love it too!)