How to get the Beauty sleep of your dreams

How to get the Beauty sleep of your dreams

There’s no better feeling than waking up refreshed,  and glowing for the day! Do you have trouble turning it off at night and staying asleep through the night?  We have put together our top tips that will help you give you the beauty sleep of your dreams. 

  1. Having nightly rituals will help calm down the mind. Take a bath and then slip into comfy pjs, turn down the lights, adding essential oils to your wrists or using a diffuser. 
  2. Enjoy herbal tea which helps with digestion. Taking full breaths in, and out helps bring down the cortisol levels which gets the body into a peaceful state. We also love to enjoy a few squares of the Glow mint bar or the Calm collagen for a relaxing evening treat.
  3.  Take Magnesium to help relax muscles and reduce anxious thoughts, it helps put you in a calm mood. Our Sweet Dreams bar is filled with magnesium, l-theanine, Lavender, which helps you sleep through the evening. 
  4. Turn off electronics a few hours before your bedtime. If you must watch some netflix before bed try to keep to light things to watch and invest in some blue blocking glasses.
  5. Listening to a mediation with headphones is one of our favorite ways to calm down. We love Jason Stephenson on Youtube, and, Insight timer and calm app.
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