Glowing Mint Bar
Glowing Mint Bar
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Glowing Mint Bar

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Enjoy our Glowing Mint Chocolate with spirulina and pearl collagen sprinkled with cacao nibs.

This is our first flavored chocolate of Beauty Bar Chocolate and we chose this one for the holidays! It's the perfect treat to help satisfy sugar cravings. Also this is the perfect digesitive chocolate. The Mint spirits helps aid your digestive system, while spirulina will help pull the toxins out the the body and boost skin health for glowing skin!!

Cheers to glowing though the holidays!!!  

The super ingredients:

Spirulina - Natures superfood, Helps eliminate toxins, boost immunity & skin health.

Mint Spirits- Supports healthy function of the digestive system

Pearl: Boosts collagen for healthy glowing hair, skin & nails 

Cacao- creates feelings of bliss & calming energy