Hello Beauties!

I am Candice Puthawala, the creator of Beauty Bar Chocolate.

It’s my secret to how I got my glow back after years of living out of balance and making myself sick!

I have always lived my life on fast forward trying to get it all done! I worked for over 18 years in the fashion industry. If you saw me then I would have been running in heels with lots of bags in hand and my young daughter in tow. I barely had time to breathe let alone meditate. I always strived for a balanced life but I struggled to achieve it.

By living this way, I burned out my entire body and as a result I became ill. I was tired, I had inflammation, candida, thyroid issues, anxiety and I had no more inspiration in my life. My health was off from living a life in constant high stress. We are not made to live in this state. As a result, my body went into flight or fight mode for many years. This is how our bodies and minds can become toxic and ill.

Finally, I left the fashion world to heal myself and to change my life. In the fashion industry, all the focus was beauty on the outside. It wasn’t until I shifted my lens to focus on beauty from the inside out that I began to heal.

Some of the major healers in my life were going sugar free and adding collagen and adaptogens to my diet. That is when I started to calm down the stress in my body and heal.

While I was working on healing and going sugar free I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So this was the perfect opportunity, I entered my lab (aka my kitchen) and created my dream Beauty Bar.

Beauty Bar Chocolates were born out of a need for something sweet and healthy to eat. It’s hard to find chocolate that is made with healthy ingredients. I hand-selected the best ingredients in the market. They are tried and true and as a holistic health coach & plant-based chef they have my stamp of approval. They are free of anything toxic and filled with all things beautiful!

Beauty Bar Chocolate is a sugar-free, raw chocolate bar that helps relieve stress, fights fatigue and balances hormones all while giving your skin that natural spa glow. It’s made with hand selected super-foods, adaptogens and pearl collagen.

I’m so excited to share my passion with people who want to feel their best, glow from the inside out and enjoy the euphoric effect of delicious, real (and healthy) chocolate!

Eating Beauty Bar Chocolate  will bring you peace, focus & glowing skin!




I am a certified Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Plant-Based Chef who graduated from Matthew Kenney/ Plant Lab culinary school in Venice Beach, CA.