What is Beauty Bar Chocolate?

Beauty Bar Chocolate is a dark chocolate bar that helps provide peaceful energy, relieve stress, and balances hormones all while giving your skin that spa-like glow.

Free of sugar, dairy, gluten and fillers. Fairtrade chocolate with superfoods, adaptogens and collagen.

*Keto, Paleo, Candida, Sibo,  and Allergen-Friendly. Our kitchen is nut-free 

Why eat Beauty Bar Chocolate?

Eat Beauty Bar Chocolate to help provide peaceful energy from the inside out.  Help satisfy your sweet-tooth while boosting your skin with collagen and superfoods. The benefits of Beauty Bar include having a calmer mind, and glowing skin through the added adaptogens, pearl collagen and superfoods.


What is collagen and what type we use?

Collagen production starts to decline in our 20's and the aging process begins. By adding collagen to your diet, you promote strong nails, healthy gut, healthy hair and glowing skin.

The Super Ingredients: 

Not only do we craft our bars with lots of love, we only use high quality ingredients. Our chocolate has few ingredients, and never  added fillers, dairy or chemicals. We add Adaptogens to each of our bars along with superfoods and collagen. 


Life is stressful emotionally and physically and adaptogens help support your body in times of stress. They help heal the adrenal system and regulate hormones while filling you up with peaceful energy and focus. 


Horsetail SILICA:  A vegan collagen booster that is rich in immune-boosting vitamins and  Minerals. Promotes collagen for healthy hair, skin & nails. 


Organic Ethically Traded Cacao & Cacao butter:  A super-food that creates feelings of bliss & calming energy.


Lakanto Monkfruit :  is a small round fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia. Lakanto uses high-purity monk fruit extract and some natural occurring non-GMO Erythritol. It is zero glycemic, sweeter than sugar and contains zero calories.


We use high quality unrefined pink himalayan sea salt.  It contains minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.

Where is your cacao sourced from?

We source our fair-trade cacao from high quality sustainable farms in Ecuador. 

Our cacao products are made with the "Arriba" Nacional fine aroma cocoa bean, a very high quality cocoa bean preferred by highly acclaimed international chocolate makers. Additionally, they are minimally processed, making sure the natural health benefits of cacao are maintained. Our cacao plant in Ecuador works directly with small farms and coops, ensuring our products are fairly traded and promote sustainability and inclusive businesses with our farmers and their communities.  

Does your chocolate have dairy in it?

No, we never add dairy products to our bars. 

Is Beauty Bar Chocolate vegan?

Yes, Beauty Bar Chocolate is vegan.

How long does the chocolate last and how do I store it?

It's best to store our chocolates under 72 degrees in a dry location. Chocolate if stored properly should last for over 8 months. 

How many squares should I eat?

The serving size is 3 squares. You can eat as little or as much as you like! Eating half a bar or even an  entire bar is quite alright.  We love to eat it mindfully while bringing in breath and closing our eyes while enjoying it. It’s a min chocolate mediation. 

Can I eat while pregnant?

Please consult with your doctor before eating adaptogens and collagen. 

Can children eat Beauty Bar Chocolate?

Many parents love feeding their children our clean chocolates and children love it. 

Please consult with your doctor before feeding your child. 

Does your chocolate have nuts in it?

Our chocolates are made in a nut free kitchen. 

Where is your chocolate made?

It’s handcrafted with love in Los Angeles, CA.