Market Bag
Market Bag
Beauty Bar Chocolate

Market Bag


Head to the market in style with this reusable handmade bag. It is water-resistant and makes it easy to tote everything from your market finds, packing a picnic, to heading to the beach. We have collaborated with The Little Market  to create this special edition purposeful market bag. Each bag is fair trade, and each purchase empowers artisans at CORR - The Jute Works in Bangladesh & Homeboy Industries, who is doing the screen printing on the bags.


CORR - The Jute Works empowers destitute, rural women in Bangladesh through handicraft production, not only creating market access, but also providing job training and developing leadership skills. The women are able to supplement their marginal family income, contributing towards better living conditions.

Homeboy Industries, who is doing the screen-printing on the bags, is a non-profit organization that provides a safe community and job opportunities for formerly incarcerated men and women.

*2% of all sales are donated to support Girls, Inc.

Ingredients list


  • Exterior: LDPE lamination coated jute fabric, AZO-free ink
  • Interior: Laminated interior is water-resistant
Nutrition facts

Bag Dimensions

  • Approximately 16" wide x 15" tall x 9" deep. 

Care Instructions

  • Spot clean exterior. Wipe the interior clean with damp cloth.
Market Bag

Market Bag


Chocolate That Promotes
Beauty And Wellness™

All Beauty Bar Chocolate is kosher, gluten-free, sugar-free,
vegan, paleo and keto-friendly. Packed with ingredients that
support you through stress, anxiety, skin issues, sleepless
nights, hormonal imbalances, and more, enjoy a luxurious bite
that fuels your lifestyle and your wellness.

Designed for Your Comfort

Fairtrade Cacao

We use "Arriba" Nacional fine aroma cocoa bean, a very high quality cocoa bean that is minimally processed, making sure the natural health benefits of cacao are maintained in our bars. Our cacao plant in Ecuador works directly with small farms and coops, ensuring our cacao is fairly traded and promotes sustainability and inclusive businesses with their farmers and their communities.

Monkfruit sweetener

We use a non-gmo monkfruit from Lakanto. Monkfruit is a small round fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia. Lakanto uses high-purity monk fruit extract and natural occurring non-GMO Erythritol from veggies. It is zero glycemic, sweeter than sugar and contains zero calories.


We include adaptogens in all of our bars. Life is stressful emotionally and physically and adaptogens help support your body in times of stress. They help heal the adrenal system and regulate hormones while filling you up with peaceful energy and focus.


We use horsetail silica, a vegan collagen booster, in our products. Horsetail silica is rich in immune-boosting vitamins and minerals and promotes collagen for healthy hair, skin & nails. Our collagen starts to decline in our 20's and can give us dry and dull skin, brittle nails, weak hair. By adding collagen to your diet, you promote strong nails, healthy gut, healthy hair and glowing skin.

Our ethically-traded, organic functional chocolate bars come in 8 varieties to help you to nourish and support:

Eat For Peace, Focus & Glowing Skin™

Beauty Bar Chocolate
Beauty Bar Chocolate